Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl?

OH - all the flooring options!

Why Laminate is a Great Option

Feld's Carpet One in Greencastle specializes in a variety of flooring, but one category of flooring we truly stand behind is our line of laminate. We understand the challenges our clients face when considering a rather large investment like flooring; we here residual comments on cost, style, and functionality. While all flooring products have their pros and cons, laminate holds a lot of value here at Felds and there are reasons for it!

Style Versatility

1. You may be trying to achieve a natural hardwood, stone, or even tile look but maybe your price parameters are not allowing you to splurge the way you'd like. While laminate generally offers lower pricing, it doesn't lack in visual quality. Designs incorporate a true hardwood, tile, or stone look through high resolution photography. There are varying options with hardwood whether you're looking for a rustic, natural golden finish or a hand-scraped, mahogany weathered hardwood floor. Tiles options can add elegance to any room with a high-gloss look resembling limestone or marble!

Ease of Maintenance

2. When it comes to flooring, it needs to suited to your lifestyle. Most people like the fact that they can spend time enjoying their flooring and less time maintaining it! Above all, its allergen-free surface and high tolerance to scuffs and scratches, laminate provides the lowest maintenance out of any flooring option. Less wear and tear means durability and longevity with this product!


3. Last, but certainly not least comes down to functionality of a product. Again, it's important to cater to your lifestyle and with laminate flooring, you can! Our carpet one exclusive brands incorporate innovative technology creating a more secure installation that helps to prevent dirt and other debris from getting underneath the floor. This ensures there is no growth of mold or mildew and aids in a healthier living environment.

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