Tigressà Carpet Selection

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Are you trying to reason against the purchase of carpet as your new flooring? Don't- because there are a variety of benefits to choosing carpet not just for your wallet but for your family and home, too. Feld's Carpet One offers Tigressà, a name brand exclusive carpet that is specifically designed to hold up in active households, able to withstand everyday wear from children and pets.

Tried and true, Tigressà has been tested and proven to be a solid carpet flooring option; guaranteed to be strong and soft. There are several styles of the Tigressà collection and each product has a different strength but all have the performance. You can learn more about the luxurious line of carpet through our video, Science of Soft Carpetthe truth is in the facts.

Tigressà Selection

Tigressà SoftStyle

Tigressà SoftStyle is among one of the softest and strongest carpets in the Tigressà line. What makes it an all around great flooring option is that its made with nylon fibers that are much closer together than ordinary carpet. The results are that it not only lasts longer but it's incredibly soft. With more filaments in each fiber bundle, you get the performance needed for an active household yet it remains soft and comfortable.

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Tigressa Cherish Carpet

Tigressà Cherish

Tigressà Cherish is a SUPER SOFT carpet option due to its incredibly dense and fine filaments. With its high tensile strength fibers and amazing, luxurious softness, you're left with a one-of-a-kind carpet that is engineered with precision. This premier line of carpet is soft enough for nap time, strong enough for play time, and it's recyclable benefiting the environment!

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Tigressà H20

Tigressà H20 carpet is an extension of the Tigressà line through its waterproof, fusion bonded thermoplastic carpet backing that prevents liquids and spills from leaking through to the carpet cushion for easier to clean messes. This is not only waterproof, it's kid proof and pet proof as well as has long lasting appearance retention. Tigressà H20's advantage is that it's engineered for durability.

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